Upcoming GNU/Linux games !

In this section I want to gather a list of upcoming commercial and closed-source Linux games.
Why not FOSS you ask ?
As you know free/open source is evolution therefore programs are never really finished, new versions being released every few months, so it will be very very hard to track and update every new game release – we have so many of those.

Games that are very likely to have a Linux client (pretty much confirmed)

01. Age Of the Decadence (Expected release date – end 2010)
02. The Broken Hourglass (Still in active development)
03. Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy (LGP haven’t forgot about it).
04. Bandits: Phoenix Rising (LGP port)
05. Rage
06. Amnesia (after the excellent sales they had with the Penumbra series they will definitely make a Linux client).
07. Postal 3 – Mature Content !
08. Overgrowth
09. Unreal Tournament 3 (Icculus is still porting it).
10. Revenge of the Titans (Coming Soon !)
11. Achron
12. Eufloria (aka Dyson) (freeware version available now)
13. Unigine “demo” game (game for engine presentation, it’s also possible that this game will be freeware).
14. Myth Franchise (Frank Earl will start porting soon)
15. Love
16. Cortex Command (Frank Earl porting this one).
17. Garshasp (They use the Ogre3D engine and would love to make a Linux client – when they have the time).
18. Dark Salvation
19. Zero Ballistics (GNU/Linux version currently in Beta)
20. Minecraft
21. The Legend of Crystal Valley (port under way).
22. Tiny & Big: Up That Mountain (Demo out now)
23. DeathSpank
24. Veks (Alpha Available Now !)
25. Call of the Kings (aka Call of the Warlords 2, they are still alive, but the progress is slow).
26. Big Bulldozer (from the maker of Mystic Mine now in development).
27. Poisonville (Java/Browser based MMORPG)
28. Angels Fall First : The Second Antarean War (Engine rewrite)
29. Natural Selection 2 (their engine supports it, but they are full of work now).
30. Xenocell
31. Fantasci: Hidden War
32. Micro Warrior
33. VVVVVV (Flash Based)
34. P.U.R.E (Spring stand alone mod)
35. And Yet It Moves
36. Seasons
37. Conquest
38. Iron Sky: Operation Highjump (being developed by Igios the porters of Shadowgrounds and SG:S).
39. Legie (GNU/Linux client is planned, when time permits).
40. All Heroes Die
41. Underworld Hockey Club (beta available now)
42. Trauma (Flash based, so it should run on any OS).
43. Multiwinia.
44. Caster 2 (Frank Earl will continue porting the sequel as well).
45. Scoregasm
46. Joe-danger (According to this interview, the GNU/Linux build was already been made).
47. Resistance Force (Alpha available now).
48. Primal Carnage
49. Rocketbirds (Flash based – they are working on it).
50. Rail Adventures 3D

Games that might have a Linux client (unconfirmed but there is a chance)

01. Wolfenstein (hope is not lost yet, at least not for the multiplayer)
02. Dark Wind
03. syndicate-online (their engine supports it so there is still a chance).
04. AfterWorld (their engine supports it so there is still a chance).
05. Rascal (aka Afterfall) (They did promise a Linux client in the early stages of development, a lot has change since then but there is a chance).
06. Cyclopean (RPG in very early stages of development)
07. Scars of War (they will definitely try to make it possible).
08. Sacred 2 (if the sells of Sacred1 will be good then LGP will try to license Sacred2).
09. Serious Sam 2 (A beta client is available for years, but never worked for me).
10. world under siege (currently on hold till other projects are finished).
11. APOX
12. Subversion (highly likely but unconfirmed).
13. Project Offset
14. The Witcher 2 (“Well in case of W2 this is possible but it is definitely too soon to talk about this.”)
15. Final Fantasy XIV
16. Venetica (being developed by Deck13 using the Ogre3D engine)).
17. Torchlight (single and mmo games are planned,using Ogre3D engine but Linux versions unconfirmed).
18. Hunted (also being developed by Deck13 using the Ogre3D engine)
19. Doom4
20. Zombie RPG (IF they could port AoD then this should be no problem).
21. Soul Wars (They use TGEA and will try to port it to GNU/Linux).
22. Twilight Wars (Depends on Soul Wars porting ability).
23. Twilight Ages (Depends on Soul Wars porting ability).
24. Crown Of Power (Unconfirmed but everything is possible).
25. Depths of Peril (porter found, in discussion).
26. Kivi’s Underworld (porter found, in discussion).
27. Din’s Curse (porter found, in discussion).
28. Brink (Based on id tech 4 engine and developed by SplashDamage, the only ones who can screw the port are the publishers – Bethesda Softworks).
29. Iron Grip: Warlord (There is the will, porters are being looked at).
30. HurricaneX2
31. Zombie Driver
32. Elpis


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